As one of the today's leading IT and Financial service enables Nqash Solutions to provide a full range of professional srvices to support the information and internal control needs of organizations.

With the well equipped professional team of dedicated software and Accounts Individual. We are here to develop socialized software using the most appropriate approach and skill Nqash Solutions has the capability and effort to provide technical service in the following areas of socialization.
Taxation filing of annual income tax returns, e-filing of monthly income tax statements, monthly sales tax returns, amnesty, NTN and sales tax registration. Accounts and Internal Auditcombination Book keeping, transfer of accounts from manual to software to manual, financial system development and internal audit. Corporate filing of documents with SECP....
Website Design and

Website design and development gives your business an opportunity to explore your expertise and skills more powerfully through internet media, thus enabling your workforce to focus on their core tasks and save high cost of operations. Nqash has also extensive offshore website design and development experience using latest multimedia tools and internet technology.


Nqash Business solutions Nqash solutions have extensive experience in software development & data base administrations. We have designed and implemented a numbers of data base applications for our value able clients. It is an integrated business applications Which developed on customers experiences and accountig standards. Please feel your self free to check the details at


With full in-house designing capabilities, printing facilities and a distribution platform, Nqash has the ability to design any thing which you can imagine for your different identities.

Nqash Software for:

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