Flash Based Websites / Multimedia Websites
Nqash Solutions, with seven years history of designing and developing multimedia websites with the help of latest tools and technology. 4Dee has great expertise to design and develop interactive flash based online and offline solution. We offer outstanding web based multimedia solution through which our clientele can get maximize the benefits of internet environment.

The core benefit of these multimedia interactive flash oriented web sites is that it allows eyes to stroll, awaken the artistic sense, as visuals become integrated into music, audio, video, images, photos, shapes and colours at the touch of a mouse. They are controlled in exhilarating and exploratory behaviors, pursuing the visitor to build a contact with the company, convincing them to make a buying, and making sure that they come back.

With the help of new technologies like Macromedia Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia dreamweaver, Corel Draw, Adobe Golive and more, we create imaginative, attractive, extremely different and highly demanding online and offline interactive interfaces, digital graphics, 2d & 3d animations, and many amazing effects for cosmetics sites, commercial sites, designers sites, architectures sites, showbiz sites, boutique sites, etc.

Great offers for our clients:

  • Online / offline flash presentations
  • Flash & html mixed websites
  • Complete flash websites
  • 2d / 3d animation
  • Animated logo
  • Flash banner
  • Flash intro