Dynamic Websites Development
Today, hottest demand in web development industry is to integrate databases with websites and run online applications. A lot of commercial organizations and NGOs, particularly in the manufacturing and service providers on large scale basis, engage extensive number of data, which are normally accumulated in some sort of database structure. Web databases are useful for giving their staff as well as customers and visitors access to these information, not only for view, submit and change them in real time as per their particular access rights under some security measurements.

There are many realistic grounds to use dynamically updated websites in commercial and non-commercial sector. The core benefits of dynamic website that especially the less need for manual page design work, automatically text feeding in the database, real time results extract, single click system, less use of typo task, managing large scale records and many more.

We offer great features in dynamic website:
  • Content Management System
    • Editing
      • In real time text change option
      • In real time theme selection
      • In real images change option
      • In real time events updates
      • In real time news updates
    • Reporting
      • Website statistics
      • Stocks reports
      • Inventory reports
      • Visitors reports
      • Hits reports
      • Submission reports